Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dim Sum

I first tried Dim Sum when I was twenty and I have been a fan ever since.
I have eaten dim sum in London, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver BC, Seattle and Portland, Oregon. My two favorite places for Dim Sum are both in the Pacific Northwest. Number one on my list is the Chinagate restaurant in Seattle, Washington. Dim Sum is served daily and on the weekends it is packed with locals families from Chinatown and Seattle it self. On Saturdays and Sunday there can be a bit of a wait to get a table around lunch time but I find it never is that long. This is a fun place to take friends and family. 516 Seventh Ave S Seattle, WA 98104. (206-624-1730)
My second favorite Dim Sum restaurant is House of Louie in Portland Oregon at 331 Northwest Davis Street (503-228-9898) in OldTown. This is the spot for Dim Sum in Portland period. On Sundays around two in the afternoon you can find your self waiting up to twenty minutes to get a table. The wait is worth it just for their paper ginger chicken. It is a constant stream of stainless steel Dim Sum carts full of mouth watering goodies all hiding under metal steamers. Both restaurants offer a Dim Sum menu that can be ordered off any time. I hope you enjoy my new Dim Sum paintings from the House of Louie.
Wishing you all the best and I hope happy Dim Sum eating.
Jason Berlin.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Greetings from Pump House Studios.
It has been some time since my last blog, I find my time limited with working, going to university, painting for Cannibals Gallery and the day to day chores we all have to do.
I hope and always plan to write more frequently. So with out further ado I give you my latest musings about some highlight of my life that I have enjoyed the last few months. In April I had the chance to go see the Pacific Northwest Coast Kwakiutl ceremonial Indian dance and story telling at Lelooska’s Cultural Center thanks to my friend Larry Cwik.
This was an amazing night and brought back fond memories from my childhood when my parents where studying Northwest coast Indian art at the University of Washington with Bill Holm in the 1970s. I found the night to be entertaining and enriching. We are lucky to have this cultural treasure in our back yard so please take a look and go to one of their presentations.
On May 1st I went to the Cascade Aids Project 21st annual Art Evening and Auction at the Bison Building with my friend Quiche. The party has been happening every year since 1990 to raise money to help fight HIV and AIDS. I find it outstanding to see so many diverse people coming together to do good. I was very pleased that my painting sold again this year. .AIDS Walk of Portland this year is October 3, 2010.
On May 21st Tess Morgan and I went to see the Rose City Rollers VS the Rat City Roller Girls at the Expo Center in Portland. If you haven’t gone to a Roller Derby you need to go, this is one hell of a good time, and as they say, it’s a game Brutal Beauty. Web sites are and
I believe that one page of text is more than enough to subject you to. That being said I hope that all is well with you my dear reader and that life is smiling at you with loving eyes. Your artist in the pump house.
Jason Berlin